Your Smart Home Guide

Smart Security Who am I? My name is Rupert, founder and editor of this website. I studied Business Management (BSc) at the University of Nottingham, with some modules in the Internet of Things (IOT). From this point, my interest in smart home technology was spurred. What I do I perform extensive and deep research intoRead More

The Wonderful Future Of Cell Phones

The popularity of mobile phones is constantly on the rise like a snowball. There are numerous reasons for that, and they are well beyond mere communicating with each other.   The development of cell phones and technology in the past decade, along with social and cultural processes as well as a sharp decrease in prices,Read More

Logistics App Development: Best Languages For Mobile Development

What Is Logistics App Development Continuous monitoring of all ongoing logistics processes is a tiring task. A logistics business cycle consists of managing the warehousing, monitoring on-time delivery, tracking fleet, and ensuring drivers’ safety. What it is all for? To guarantee smooth functioning of a company and provide clients with ultimate quality services. So whatRead More